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Child Custody and the Holidays: COVID-19 Edition

When it comes to the holiday season, it can be difficult to navigate the twists and turns of child custody. Who gets the kids for Thanksgiving, and who gets the kids for Hannukah or Christmas? Parents want to spend valuable time with their children, and many parents are adamant about having their children over for Christmas morning — they want to be able to see the look first thing on their faces when they run to the tree and see all the gifts left for them there. Things get complicated when parents aren’t sharing the same household. Even worse is when a pandemic like COVID-19 has limited how much you’ve seen your children. In New Hampshire, what’s fair? Let’s take a look.

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What is alimony?

If you’re getting divorced, the subject of alimony may come up. While traditionally thought as a recourse only available to women, nowadays, alimony can be granted to any gender. Regardless of if you’re looking to receive alimony or you’re in the situation where you may need to pay alimony, it’s important to know what alimony is and how it works. 

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