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Why You Should Never Leave the Scene of an Accident

After an accident involving property damage or bodily injury, all parties must exchange information, law enforcement must be notified, and the accident must be reported. However, leaving the scene of an accident (a “hit-and-run” accident) is more common than you might think. There are some steps you should take after an accident, whether you believe you are at fault or not, to protect yourself and others.

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4 Signs That You Are Too Impaired To Drive

The fact is, the only way you can be certain you won’t be too drunk to drive is by not drinking. It doesn’t take much alcohol to affect your ability to drive safely, and even if you “feel fine,” your driving is probably affected. However, there are ways to drink responsibly. An important part of this includes recognizing the signs that you (or someone else) is not fit to drive.

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Why you should take a speeding ticket seriously

Every day it happens to countless Americans, and it has statistically already happened to you: a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets can and will be issued for any speeding offense that is over the posted speed limit. That means, if a police officer wants to, they can stop you for going 31 in a 30 mph posted area. What you may already know about speeding tickets is that they cost you either time or money (sometimes both), but incurring multiple speeding tickets can land you in trouble. Here’s why you should take that speeding ticket seriously:

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Car accident? Never leave the scene!

When you get into an accident, regardless of whether it was with an animal, another car, a tree, or other property, it’s important to know you should never leave the scene of the accident. It doesn’t matter if you hit a guardrail or a sign, if someone saw you and you leave the scene of the crime, you can be liable for criminal charges or penalties, including but not limited to fines. Here’s what you should know about leaving the scene:

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