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Taking a Shine to Summer Vacation with these 7 Effective Co-parenting Strategies 

With this month — March 19, to be exact — marking the official start of spring, many families are already thinking ahead to summer vacation. For families who co-parent, getting a jump on these plans is a smart idea. Many co-parents are understandably daunted by the prospect of navigating weeks of unstructured time when their children are out of school. However, it is possible to ensure a happy and harmonious summer vacation for everyone. 

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How Do DUIs Stack Up During the Holidays? 

While the holidays are a highly anticipated and exciting time of year, for too many people, the festivities can turn fatal. When it comes to DUIs during the holidays, the numbers don’t lie and we’ve got them ready for your review. This season, we caution all our clients to be especially careful on the roads and to make smart choices when it comes to getting behind the wheel, especially following a holiday celebration.

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