10 Tips to Stay in the Spirit While Ensuring Safety as a Designated Driver

Even the Scroogiest among us must agree that the holidays are the perfect excuse for a party. Of course, for many of us, kicking up our heels includes indulging in a glass of eggnog or a toast of champagne. Neither of which is harmful, until even the most well-intentioned, yet intoxicated, revelers get behind the wheel.   

As a designated driver, you play a vital role in ensuring everyone’s well-being during, but especially after, holiday festivities. 

Person behind the wheel of a car.

How to be a Dependable Designated Driver

When you choose to take on the role of designated driver, your commitment must be non-negotiable. In other words, there’s no turning back once you decide that you will assume the responsibility of getting everyone home safely after a night out. 

By planning ahead and communicating a solid safety plan with your passengers, you can ensure that you will be a dependable designated driver that friends and family can count on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should become a babysitter for every person in your party. That’s why we’re offering a few tips to support you and everyone’s safe ride home.

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What is divorce mediation and is it right for you?

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