10 Tips to Stay in the Spirit While Ensuring Safety as a Designated Driver

Even the Scroogiest among us must agree that the holidays are the perfect excuse for a party. Of course, for many of us, kicking up our heels includes indulging in a glass of eggnog or a toast of champagne. Neither of which is harmful, until even the most well-intentioned, yet intoxicated, revelers get behind the wheel.   

As a designated driver, you play a vital role in ensuring everyone’s well-being during, but especially after, holiday festivities. 

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How to be a Dependable Designated Driver

When you choose to take on the role of designated driver, your commitment must be non-negotiable. In other words, there’s no turning back once you decide that you will assume the responsibility of getting everyone home safely after a night out. 

By planning ahead and communicating a solid safety plan with your passengers, you can ensure that you will be a dependable designated driver that friends and family can count on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should become a babysitter for every person in your party. That’s why we’re offering a few tips to support you and everyone’s safe ride home.

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4 Signs That You Are Too Impaired To Drive

The fact is, the only way you can be certain you won’t be too drunk to drive is by not drinking. It doesn’t take much alcohol to affect your ability to drive safely, and even if you “feel fine,” your driving is probably affected. However, there are ways to drink responsibly. An important part of this includes recognizing the signs that you (or someone else) is not fit to drive.

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