Looking to get through your divorce as quickly and easily as possible? Whatever your reasons for wanting to get through your divorce swifty, we can help. A divorce usually takes time, and depending on the people involved, sometimes it can drag on for an extended period. We’ve got some tips to help you make your divorce go through as smoothly as it can.

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Choose your divorce type carefully

Divorces that aren’t amicable, are contested, or otherwise require more input from your former partner will take more time than a divorce that is more clear-cut. If you are having reservations about getting divorced, it’s best to discuss these with your former partner before filing for divorce, as these reservations can just cause the divorce to drag out longer. If you have already agreed with your former partner regarding child custody, child support, visitation, division of property and debt, life and health insurance, and other aspects, then you might do best to file an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce passes through the legal system faster than any other divorce, and often does not need the help of a lawyer.

No-fault Divorce, or in New Hampshire, “irreconcilable differences”

Depending on your state, sometimes in order to get divorced, you must be legally separated for a period of time. In New Hampshire, there is no time frame you need to be separated. Filing for no-fault, or in NH, “irreconcilable differences”, basically means that you and your former spouse are no longer compatible, and doesn’t revolve around any sort of accusations of adultery or otherwise. A divorce based on irreconcilable differences tends to resolve quicker given no blame is placed on either partner.

Prepare for your divorce

Having done any preparation in advance for your divorce will help you get through the legal process quicker. The fewer questions you have, and the more you and your former spouse agree, the quicker your union will be dissolved. That means that speaking beforehand about division of assets, child custody, and more will help you settle your divorce more quickly than if you didn’t.

Understand that sometimes divorces aren’t quick or simple

Unfortunately, some divorces just aren’t quick, and no matter what you do, they can’t be forced to resolve any faster. Divorces that need to be settled with lawyers and a judge to divide assets and determine fairness will take longer than those in which the parties are able to agree on most aspects on their own. Once the court is involved, a divorce can take a long time to be resolved. However, having the right lawyer on your side is important. If you need help petitioning for divorce, contact Bernstein & Mello today. We’re here to help! 

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