Brightly colored ornaments hanging on a holiday tree

Does domestic violence “spike” around the holidays? Abusers don’t take a day off

It’s common to think that domestic violence surges come the holidays. Stress, alcohol, and tensions around family members can create a perfect environment for verbal and physical abuse to occur. Many individuals only see family members during this special time of year, and those who have distanced themselves may allow an abusive parent or family member to see them just this once. While that seems like it can cause tensions to erupt again and cause more domestic violence during this time of the year, there is actually very little evidence to prove that around the holidays, more domestic violence occurs.

Holiday Wine

Avoiding a DWI Penalty Around the Holidays

We know that the holidays often times involve celebratory wine and beer. Even the New Year is synonymous with celebrating with champagne. It’s easy to go a little bit overboard during the holidays and end up buzzed or even drunk. While the easiest way to avoid a DWI entirely is not to drink. Still, we can understand the desire to imbibe a little bit, so here we’ve compiled some great tips to help you this holiday season. (more…)

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