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What is divorce mediation and is it right for you?

Even when it’s the best option for both parties involved, few people actually want to go through the painful and often costly process of divorce, which is where divorce mediation is a solid alternative. In fact, mediation is the casual name of a well-established process called Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR

Mediation or ADR can mean very different things, depending on the type of case in question. Before we dive into specific details, regarding divorce mediation and whether it’s the right solution for you, we’ll review the general point and practice of mediation as a form of resolution.

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5 Facts About Divorce in New Hampshire

Even in the best situation, divorce is stressful and overwhelming. It doesn’t help that the rules, language, and processes change from state to state. Especially in New England, when separations may involve moving across state lines, knowing the specifics of divorce law in your state can help make the process go much more smoothly. Here are 5 things about divorce in New Hampshire that you might not know about:

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