Dealing with the consequences of a DUI/DWI conviction can be challenging, but it’s crucial to remember that life goes on and you’re not alone. The headlines are continually rife with stories about people, both unknowns and celebrities, who have been convicted of DUI in the U.S. 

When it comes to securing a job in NH following a DWI conviction, take it from blockbuster actor Robert Downey, Jr., “The lesson is that you can still make mistakes and be forgiven.”

While individuals with a DUI/DWI on their record in NH may face some limitations in certain job sectors, there are still plenty of opportunities available. 

What follows is a quick overview of DUI/DWI-friendly jobs in New Hampshire, along with a few insights into those professions that might pose challenges for those with such convictions.

DUI/DWI-Friendly Jobs in New Hampshire

Not being able to secure gainful employment after a DWI conviction amounts to insult to injury. Yes, you made a mistake; however, you do need to maintain a secure income stream in order to close this chapter and open the next with confidence and clarity. 

The following jobs are those most commonly forgiving of those who have had a DWI conviction in NH… 

Retail Positions

Many retail establishments are open to hiring individuals with a DUI/DWI conviction, especially for roles such as cashier, sales associate, or customer service representative.

Food Service Industry

Restaurants, cafes, and bars often have positions available for servers, cooks, and kitchen staff. While some establishments may have stricter hiring policies, many are willing to give individuals a second chance.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Jobs

Jobs in warehouses or manufacturing plants may be accessible to those with a DUI/DWI conviction. Positions such as packers, assemblers, or machine operators might be suitable options.

Landscaping and Maintenance

Outdoor work in landscaping or maintenance can be a viable option. Jobs like groundskeeper, landscaper, or general laborer often require physical labor and may be more lenient regarding past convictions.

Construction Jobs

Construction sites often hire workers for various roles, including laborers, painters, and carpenters. Many construction companies are willing to consider candidates based on their skills and experience rather than past mistakes.

Freelance or Self-Employment

Pursuing freelance work or starting a small business can provide an alternative path for those with a DUI/DWI conviction. This allows individuals to create their own opportunities without facing traditional employment barriers. It also saves you from having to arrange transportation if the position allows you to work from home and not commute into an office. 

Jobs with Restrictions for DUI/DWI Convictions

While many doors remain open, it’s essential to be aware of jobs that might pose challenges due to a DUI/DWI conviction. Jobs that involve driving, operating heavy machinery, or handling sensitive information may be more selective, such as the following… 

Commercial Drivers

Individuals with a DUI/DWI conviction may face restrictions when applying for positions as commercial truck drivers or delivery drivers.

Government Positions

Some government jobs may require security clearances, making it difficult for individuals with certain convictions to gain access to sensitive information.

Healthcare Professionals

Licensing requirements for healthcare professions, such as nursing or pharmacy, may be stricter for those with a DUI/DWI on their record.

While it is absolutely true that a DUI/DWI conviction may limit certain job opportunities, there are still various employment options available in New Hampshire. 

Don’t overlook who you know

It’s also important to work and communicate with your existing network. As the expression goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 

Let people know you’re looking for work and be transparent about the challenges you’re facing in your pursuit. In most cases, people value and respect honesty above practically all else. They may be more willing to work with you, despite your conviction and regardless of past protocol, regarding hiring those with DUI convictions. 

Generally speaking, by focusing on industries that are more lenient and value your skills and experience, you can build a successful career path despite past challenges. It’s crucial to remain proactive in seeking opportunities, demonstrating personal growth, and showcasing your dedication to a positive future. Remember, everyone deserves a second chance, and there are supportive employers willing to offer it.

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