When you choose to take on the role of designated driver, your commitment must be non-negotiable. In other words, there’s no turning back once you decide that you will assume the responsibility of getting everyone home safely after a night out. 

By planning ahead and communicating a solid safety plan with your passengers, you can ensure that you will be a dependable designated driver that friends and family can count on.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should become a babysitter for every person in your party. That’s why we’re offering a few tips to support you and everyone’s safe ride home.

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Harness the power of planning

Before you depart for your event, ensure that everyone agrees on what time you will leave and is clear on where to meet in order to leave by that agreed-upon time. Again, as the designated driver, you’re responsible for sober driving, not chasing down friends or bargaining about when to leave. Establish the departure time and place and stick with the plan.

Check for contraband

Just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean one of your passengers hasn’t buckled in with an open container in hand. If they have and you’re pulled over, you will still be ticketed. 

Defend your DD status

Unfortunately, the best laid plans can quickly be laid to waste by good old fashioned, schoolyard peer pressure. You might encounter friends or family who, upon hearing that you’re the designated driver for the evening, will insist that you can at least have one drink. Don’t cave as one drink can quickly multiply, especially if you think you’ll be attending the event for a significant length of time. The last thing you want as the appointed designated driver is to end up charged with DWI

Make it a mocktail

You can offset some of this potential peer pressure by ordering up a mocktail; in other words, a non-alcoholic beverage that looks like the real thing. Mocktails are increasingly popular for a host of reasons, including weight-loss, pregnancy or attempts to conceive, general health and wellness, and other valid reasons. 

Should your stint as a designated driver take an unexpected turn, contact us for a free consultation.

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