The cost of drunk driving is all around us: in the news, in commercials, and in every kind of media. Everyone is aware of the message that driving sober is the only way to avoid the tragedy of DWI accidents and needless damage to other people’s lives.

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Still, there is always a small but vocal minority who claim they’re safe to drive when buzzed or drunk, or they’re never a bad driver when drunk. These drivers may have avoided all the DWI dragnets and managed not to harm anyone in their habits, but that’s likely a matter of luck rather than skill. What people mistake for skill is usually all a game of chance.

Remember that when you feel different, you are different. DWI induced accidents are caused by alcohol’s effect on your brain. Your altered brain makes choices without weighing the consequences as clearly as it should. When faced with a split second decision of what to do when the light turns yellow, your DWI judgment might brashly blow through the light and end up hurting someone. So even if you think you’re good to drive, you probably aren’t. That’s the problem with a substance that ruins your ability to make good judgment calls.

So with that in mind, here is a list of alternatives to driving while intoxicated (DWI):

  1. Call an Uber/Lyft/etc – Don’t be afraid to call for a taxi or an Uber. There are fantastic alternatives, some of which you can even download to your phone. Have an iPhone? Just tell Siri, “I’m drunk,” and Siri will offer to get you a cab. Avoid that DWI charge.
  2. Reach out to a friend – We all have friends who owe us a favor, from helping them move to that time you tutored them through their GREs. Call a friend, tell them you want to avoid drunk driving, and ask for a ride. A good friend, if they’re able, will help rather than let you risk life and limb.
  3. Ask for a couch – Obviously, this doesn’t work at a bar, only a private party. Talk to your host and ask if you can stay the night ahead of time. Try not to spring this on a friend who wasn’t expecting to have guests. If you want to drink, make arrangements, and hand over the keys. Think ahead, and don’t drive drunk.

Remember that when you are drunk, and there’s no way to sober up quickly. Too many people end up with DWI charges because they thought they could use a quick hack to get back on the road. A host of tips and tricks float around on the internet offering you ways to get your head on straight fast – and none of them work. Coffee, cold showers, nicotine, and all the other suggestions in the world don’t make up for a few hours of sobriety and maybe some sleep.

Finally, if you have been arrested on suspicion of driving drunk, make sure to have an attorney who is on your side. Contact Bernstein & Mello, PLLC today.

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