Sure, the summer season is synonymous with sunny days, vacations, and no shortage of fun activities; however, it also coincides with a noticeable increase in DUI incidents. Understanding why DUIs are more common during the summer can help keep everyone safer. Given the fact that statistics show New Hampshire topped every state in the nation for alcohol consumption in 2024, recognizing some common DUI triggers is important. 

So, why can the summer months be such hotbeds for DUIs in NH?

More opportunities to get social

Just think about it. Summer is a time for socializing. From barbecues and picnics to festivals and beach parties, there are numerous opportunities for people to gather and celebrate. Alcohol often plays a central role in these events, leading to an uptick in consumption. Unfortunately, this naturally can result in more individuals getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Let’s not forget about summer holidays… 

Summertime is punctuated by major holidays, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Like other social gatherings, these holidays are also often marked by festivities that include alcohol. The combination of celebration and alcohol can lead to impaired judgment and an increase in DUI incidents in NH. Statistics frequently show spikes in DUI arrests around these holidays.

In fact, data projections for 2023 showed that the summer season would account for 28% of drunk driving-related fatalities, making it the deadliest season, with Fourth of July week forecast to be the most deadly with 311 expected fatalities. There isn’t any real reason to expect those numbers to dramatically increase this year. 

The laid back vacation mindset

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Whether that means traveling to a different city or enjoying a staycation, most of us are in a more relaxed and carefree state of mind when we’re off the clock for an extended period. An unintended consequence of this relaxed state sometimes leads to over imbibing. 

The dog days of summer means more time for mischief

Couple more social engagements with longer days and you potentially wind up with prolonged periods of alcohol consumption, increasing the likelihood of someone driving under the influence later in the day.

More drivers on the road

Again, with vacations, holidays, and get-togethers, the traffic can back up quickly on both major highways and secondary roads. This boils down to simple math, more vehicles on the road, combined with a higher incidence of impaired driving, can equal a rise in DUI arrests and accidents.

Fledgling (read: teen) drivers 

As soon as school is out for summer, an uptick of new young drivers take to the roads. In addition to being green behind the wheel, these kids are also, for the most, inexperienced when it comes to drinking responsibly. Unfortunately, this demographic is often inexperienced with alcohol and driving. Just like the adults in their lives, teens are eager to get together with friends and celebrate some fun in the sun. For too many, this will end in a DUI charge or injury or both. 

How can you make this summer safer?

First of all, the awareness that we’ve just shared should help you embrace a more cautious mindset when it comes to enjoying the summer safely. Additionally, we always recommend that everyone arranges for a designated driver ahead of a social event, use a rideshare service, or plan to stay overnight, if it makes sense to do so.

All said, we know too well the reality behind good intentions. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Things happen. 

If you find yourself in need of a DUI attorney in NH, we encourage you to contact us anytime. In fact, add our number to your phone under “lawyer.” Better safe than sorry! 

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