When you think of drinking and driving, our guess is you imagine actual driving. But did you know that you can actually get charged with a DWI for doing things that don’t involve driving a car? It’s true! Many of these situations seem a bit far-fetched or even silly, but we would hate to see you charged with something because you didn’t know it was illegal. Take a look at these 5 unexpected ways to get a DWI:

Person riding a bike over a brick paved street

Drinking & Driving on Private Property

Some people may think that anything done on private property is up to the discretion of the person who owns the property. This is not entirely true. Drinking while intoxicated or even with an open container still applies even on private property. You can still hurt yourself or someone else any time you drink and drive. The fact that the property is private, does not exempt you from the law. 

Drinking & Operating Farm Equipment 

While we can’t imagine there would be many scenarios where one would want to operate farming equipment while intoxicated, it is important to note that it is still illegal. This includes all manner of equipment, such as a lawn mower or a tractor. Surprisingly, this also applies to farm animals. We’re not kidding. Riding a horse while intoxicated will also get you into trouble. Perhaps it’s best to just leave farms alone. 

Drinking While Parked 

Even though you are technically not driving, you’re still in a motor vehicle, which means you can be charged with drinking while intoxicated. It is especially important to note that even having any open container in the car with you is grounds to be charged with a DWI. 

Drinking & Riding a Bicycle 

DWI laws apply to more than just motor vehicles in some states. Driving while intoxicated includes riding a bike while intoxicated. You can still put yourself and others in extreme danger while riding drunk. Balancing without your sober mind could be disastrous. 

In a Child’s Toy Car

This is not a joke, although it is unexpected. We would expect this offense would come about as something silly that got out of hand. Even as a joke, if you get in a child’s toy car that has a motor, you can be charged with a DWI. 

Honorable mentions that have actually gotten people charged with a DWI: on a golf cart, on a zamboni, on a segway, and on a motorized bar stool. 
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